Dr Puppala instills positive energy in his patients

Dr Puppala instills positive energy in his patients

One of the biggest reasons why Vinaya Puppala is called the best anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist in Villa Rica, Georgia is that his patients notice positive changes in them after visiting him. Using the experience and knowledge from his practice of over 10 years, he gives his patients faster results.

Methods of Dr Puppala are different

VK Puppala is considered to be one of the most efficient doctors when it comes to treating chronic pains. He seeks to give a healthy life to his patients and not just to heal their pain. He makes them realize the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and helps them in every way possible to attain the same.

His patients call him a magician because he makes them more optimistic about eliminating their own health issues. His unique treatment methods involve minimum pain medicine. VK Puppala works with his patients to come up with the most suitable treatment method for them.

“I believe that if I am asking a particular patient to make certain lifestyle changes, I should first find out if the patient will be able to incorporate such things in his or her daily routine as the work nature, timings and responsibilities of every individual are different.”

Vinaya Puppala always tries to come up with such methods of healing with which the patient can easily adapt. It is ultimately up to the patient to follow the advice given by the doctor, but if the advice is feasible there are higher chances that the patient will follow it.

“Educating my patients about the adverse effects of taking pain medicine in excess also helps in motivating them to make healthy lifestyle changes. I never hide any facts from my patients or give them false hopes. I am not a magician. I just try to give the best treatment possible.”

Dr Puppala wants his patients to get the best treatment

Vinaya Puppala takes up every case as a challenge and gives his hundred percent to it. It is his unmatched commitment to cure his patients, which has earned him all the name and fame. In his quest to eliminate the pains of his patients, he ensures that they get the best treatment possible.

He doesn’t stick to the traditional methods. Instead he conducts various researches to deeply understand the problem and to find a solution to it. He collaborates with like minded doctors in his field to conduct joint studies and researches. He has already received several awards and recognitions for his efforts towards the advancement of medical science, especially in the pain management field.

VK Puppala serves as one of the members of the board of directors at various associations such as Medical Association of Georgia, Board of Directors of the Foundation for Pain C.A.R.E., Scientific Research Committee of the International Neuromodulation Society, Editorial Board of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.

The speedy recovery and later an overall healthy life of his patients is all that matters to Dr Puppala. He is compassionate towards the pains of his patients and is not afraid to go to any length to fight the pain.

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